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Theme : "Minimal Access Urology - Asian Perspective"

                                                                               PROPOSED SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME

 Day 4  ( 4th October )


0800-0830 Highlights of Previous Day

v Plenary Lectures

  • State of the Art Lectures

    • Biomarker and Therapeutic Potential of Frequent Gene Alterations in Prostate Cancer ; Shiv Shrivastava, USA

    • Preservation of the Distal Sphincter Mechanism-A Most Important Outcome for the Radical Prostatectomy Patient; Robert Myers, USA

  • EAU Lecture:

    • Minimial invasive treatment of localized cancer prostate; Didier Jacqmin, France

  • AUA Lecture

    • Regenerative Medicine: New Approaches to Health Care; Anthony Atala, USA

1030-1100 Coffee Break and Exhibition Visit

v  Main Session: Prostate Cancer

Session I

  • Prostate biopsy: How many cores? Claude Abbou, Brussels

  • HIFU;Christian Chaussy, Germany

  • Perspectives of LHRH antagonists in the management of both BPH and Prostate Cancer; Frans Debryune, Netherlands

  • Emerging issues in the treatment of bone lesions in prostate cancer; Claude C Schulman, Belgium

  • Advances in manage- ment of HRPC; John Fitzpatrick, Ireland

  • Nanobio-targeted gene therapy for prostate cancer; Hiromi Kumon, Japan


Session II : Radical Prostatectomy : How I do it :

  • Retropubic; Robert Myers, USA

  • Perineal; JW Thuroff, Germany

  • Laparoscopic; Claude Abbou, France

  • Robotic; Vipul Patel, USA

v  Main Session : Stone disease

Session I

  • Kidney Stones: From Bench to Bedside, Hari Koul, USA

  • Update on Stag-horn Calculi:  Perspectives from the AUA Nephrol-ithiasis Guidelines Panel; Glenn Preminger, USA

  • Evidence on stone management in pregnancy; Petrisor A Geavlete, Romania

  • Urinary tract stone as a risk for urothelial malignancy; Rainy Umbas, Indonesia


Session II : Panel Discussion

Moderator : Mahesh Desai, India

v  Nursing Workshop

  • Urology Nursing Current Trend in SEA/Asia; Ambily MG; India

  • Urologic Nursing: Operative

    • Disinfection and sterilization; Bhupender Mahto, Karl Storz India

    • Lower tract endoscopy

    • PCNL / Ureteroscopy

    • Laparoscopy

  • OR1; Peter Laser, Karl Storz, Germany

    • Robotics

    • Sutures: Types, characteristics and uses

    • Staplers

    • Clips

  • Operative energy sources:

    • Diathermy

    • Bipolar Energy

    • Lasers; Reza Malek, USA

    • Harmonic scalpel

  • C-arm fluoroscopy and radiation safety

  • Pre-operative counseling for prosthetic devices

  • Free papers/ video

1400-1600 Parallel Sessions: Video / Podium / Poster

v  Main Session: Advances in imaging
  • Advanced Robotics and Digital Imaging; Inderbir Gill, USA

  • USG

  • PET-CT; Harsh Mahajan, India

  • MRS in Urology; NR Jaganathan, India

v  Main Session: UPJO
  • Current Concepts In the Endoscopic Management Of UPJ Obstruction and Ureteral Stricture Disease; Michael Grasso, USA

  • Will laparoscopic pyeloplasty be the standard surgical treatment for UPJO?; Rajesh Ahlawat, India

  • Robotic pyeloplasty; Narmada P Gupta, India

  • Failed UPJO surgery: unconventional salvage techniques; AK Mandal, India

1700-1900 Sponsored Symposium
1900-2200 Banquet (Paid)