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Theme : "Minimal Access Urology - Asian Perspective"


 Day 2  ( 2nd October )


Time Programme



Sub Specialty Meeting

v Asian Society of Urooncology

Session I: Cancer prostate
Chairpersons: Shin Egawa, Japan

  • Molecular targets in Prostate Cancer; Hari Koul, USA

  • Difficulties in Early Prostate Cancer Diagnosis in India; Kalyan Sarkar, India

  • Prostate cancer in the Middle East: Experience of the American University of Beirut; Raja Khauli, Lebanon

  • Diet and Prostate Cancer; Janak Desai, India

Session II: Renal Cancer

Chairperson: MA Salam, Bangladesh ; Mototsugu Oya, Japan

  • Comparison of RCC in Asian countries vs western countries; CA Mochtar, Indonesia

  • Surgical challenges in achieving oncological efficacy in localised renal cell carcinoma; Roy Chally, India

  • The development of effective adjuvant therapy for locally advanced renal cell carcinoma; Christopher Wood, USA

  • Minimal invasive treatment of localized RCC; Didier Jacqmin, France

Session III: Bladder Cancer

  • Molecular markers of bladder cancer; Osamu Ogawa, Japan

  • Optimization of BCG Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer; E Kesavan, Singapore

  • Was Donald Skinner right - can a meticulous pelvic node disssection in bladder cancer patients really make
    a difference?; Wiking Mansson, Sweden

  • Extraperitoneal Radical Cystectomy -morbidity and outcome data; Jagdeesh Kulkarni, India

Session IV:

Case Discussions: Ashish Kamat, USA; Makrand Kochikar, India

v Asian Society of Endourology

Session I: Ureteroscopy
Chairpersons: Michael Wong, Singapore; Seiji Naito, Japan

  • Flexible Ureteroscopy: Tricks of the Trade; Glenn Preminger, USA

  • Iatrogenic uretral trauma - the continuing conundrum; RM Meyyappan, India

  • Algorithms in management of ureteric strictures; Andreas Gross, Germany

  • Ureteroscopic endopyelotmy. Long term results; Raju Thomas, USA

Session II: PCNL
Mahesh Desai, India; Gyung Sung, Korea

  • The last word on percutaneous access; Michael Wong, Singapore

  • Is PCNL the most cost effective way of management of renal stones in the developing countries?; Percy Chibber, India

  • Re-look at complications in PCNL; Madhu Agarwal, India

  • Future of Endourological Accessories; Samir Rai, India

Session III:
Case Discussions : C Mallikarjuna, India

v Asian Society of female Urology & Neurovesical dysfunction

Session I: Overactive bladder

  • Pharmacologic treatment: Are all antimuscarinics the same? What about Fesoterodine?; Woei Yun Siow, Singapore

  • Refractory OAB: Botulinum Toxin

  • Refractory OAB: Update on sacral neuromodulation; Anurag Das, USA

  • Refractory OAB: Augmentation; Peter Lim, Singapore

Session II: Recent Advances

  • Minimally invasive treatment of urinary incontinence in 21st Century; Ajay Singla, USA

  • Changing trend in Pelvic Floor Surgeries; N Rajamaheshwari, India

  • Tension-free Vaginal Mesh: TVM in pelvic organ prolapse; Satoru Takahashi, Japan
    Lattisimus dorsi dynamic myoplasty (LDDM) in atonic bladder; Shailesh Raina, India

  • Use of Stem Cells for Incontinence; George Geap, Malaysia

v Pediatric Urology

Session I:

  • Management of  antenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis; Minu Bajpai, India

  • Contemporary management of children with MMC; JW Thuroff, Germany

  • Management of Posterior Urethral Valves; DK Gupta, India


Session II:

  • The Undescended Testis: What You Thought You Knew May Not Be True; Jack Elder, USA

  • The challenges of urolithiasis in children; Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Pakistan

  • Bladder Exstrophy-Epispadias complex; Vireshwar Bhatnagar, India

Session III: Symposium: VUR

  • Vesicoureteral Reflux: Is Treatment Necessary?; Jack Elder, USA

  • Sub-Mucosal Injection in VUR; RB Nerli, India

  • Surgical procedures; Shyam Joshi, India

  • Place of laparoscopy in Ureteric Reimplantation; Atul Thakre, India




Laparoscopic and robotic surgery

Session I:

  • Role of  Robot Assisted  Laparoscopy in Pediatric Urology; Henning Olsen, Denmark

  • Robotic Experience in Asia Korea; KH Rha, Korea

  • Robot assisted laparoscopic for urogynaecological fistulae; Ashok Hemal, India

  • Nerve sparing and continence preservation in robotic prostatectomy- finding an optimal balance; Ashutosh Tewari, USA

Session II:

  • Advances in Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy: Nuances of hemostasis and impact of robotic technology; Ralph Clayman, USA

  • Laparsoscopic adrenalectomy; Gyung Sung, Korea

  • How to make Lap urology a financially viable option in developing country; Anant Kumar, India

Session III: Symosium: Muscle invasive bladder cancer: what should be the ideal approach?
  • Open Radical Cystectomy; Pramod Sogani, USA

  • Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy; Inderbir S Gill, USA

  • Robotic Radical Cystectomy; Khurshid Guru, USA

v Asian Society of Andrology

Session I: Infertility:

  • Age related effects on Male and Female Fertility; Edmund Sabanegh, USA

  • Empiric Medical Therapy for severe Male factor Infertility. Is it a Evidence  Based Medicine ?; SS Vasan, India

  • Recent Advances in Preservation of Male Fertility; Ashok Agarwal, USA


Session II: Sexual dysfunction:

  • Premature Ejaculation New Insights Newer Molecules;

  • The Role of Sildenafil in Endothelial Dysfunction A new concept; Ajay Nehra, USA

  • Penile Lengthening Fact or Fiction; Sudhakar Krishnamurty, India

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction - What is New?; Rajeev Sood, India

Session III: Management issues:

  • Current Management of Priapism; Rupin Shah, India

  • Anejaculation Practical Management; TR Murali, India

  • Difficult Prosthetic Insertions - Tricks of the Trade;

  • What is recent in penile prosthetic surgery? Ajay Nehra, USA

v Reconstructive Surgery

Session I:

  • Posterior urethral injuries-Challenges in the third world; Neville Perera, Sri Lanka

  • One-stage bulbar urethroplasties: surgical techniques and long-term results; Guido Barbagli, Italy

  • Role of laser in management of stricture urethra; Premnath Dogra, India

  • Circumferential Vaporization of Bladder Neck and Urethral Strictures: Long Term follow Up.; Inder Perkash, USA

Session II:

  • Prevention and Treatment of Hypospadias Complications; Anthony Atala, USA

  • Rational approach in management of chordee without hypospadias; Amilal Bhat, India

  • Buccal mucosa for ureteric reconstruction; Shailesh Shah, India

  • Primary retroperitoneal fibrosis contours of a refractory disease; K Sasidharan, India

Session III:

  • Continent Diversion in Children; Anthony Atala, USA

  • Ileal Neo-bladder: Fifteen year follow-up and quality of life; PB Singh, India

  • Urinary Diversion after Cystectomy : Indian Prespective with special reference to Pitcher; Sudhir Rawal, India

  • Continent cutaneous diversion - Is it necessary?; Bill Wong, Hong Kong

v Asian Society of Renal transplant

Session I:

  • Renal Transplantation: evolution of laparoscopic live donor nephrectomy, Raja Khouli, Lebanon

  • Modifications in laparoscopic donor nephrectomy 7 years experience with 750 cases; N Simforoosh, Iran

  • Retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy; Pranjal Modi, India

  • Marginal kidney donors in live related renal transplant:what have we learned; Aneesh Shrivastava, India

Session II:

  • GUTB in Renal Transplantation - Trials & Triumphs; Kim Mammen, India

  • Newer immunosuppressant agents

  • Combined Renal and pancreas transplantation, Sandeep Guleria, New Delhi

  • Autotransplant for renovascular hypertension; Ganesh Goapalkrishnan, India

Session III:
Case Discussions : Sunil Shroff, India; Umesh Oza, India



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